Shoe In Pro Finish Spike Shoes - Medium

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Medium Spiked Style For Resinous / Epoxy Floor Coating Installation.

Introducing the revolutionary Shoe-In Pro shoes, a simple and cost-effective solution for various applications, thanks to its patented design. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with straps, buckles, and adjustments found in traditional floor finishing shoes, as Shoe-In Pro shoes provide a hands-free experience. These shoes effortlessly fit over your existing shoes or boots and remain secure whether you're standing or kneeling, ensuring stability. With their wide base, you can confidently tackle tasks while maintaining balance. These shoes allow you to conveniently remove and put on protective footwear as required, enabling you to efficiently complete any job.

  • Slips over your shoes or boots In seconds
  • No straps or buckles
  • 3/4" Spikes for Resinous / Epoxy floor coating installation
  • Mark-Free installation
  • Sharp or Rounded replacement spikes are available

MEDIUM: Fits Boot Size 8 to 9, Sneaker Size 8 to 9