The number 1 destination for Epoxy and Polyaspartic resin, catering exclusively to epoxy flooring contractors across the USA. Our selection includes epoxy resins, polyaspartic resins, and urethanes, providing contractors with a one-stop shop for all their flooring needs. We understand the demands of the industry, and our range of resins is designed to meet and exceed expectations, ensuring that your flooring projects stand out for their quality and longevity.

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Rockhard USA 100% Solids Epoxy
Rockhard Clear Coat T200 - 1 GallonRockhard Clear Coat T200 - 1 Gallon
Rockhard Polyaspartic Kit - 2 Gallon Kit (1A:1B)Rockhard Polyaspartic Kit - 2 Gallon Kit (1A:1B)
AR-MVB - Moisture Vapor BarrierAR-MVB - Moisture Vapor Barrier